Who we are

The compagnie of the group: Morteo Container Spa Stipaf Spa

MURARO SPA has been working in the cold metal drawing sector for about 60 years; it designs and manufactures special machines and entire plants for various industrial fields.

The esclusive wide-ranging experience MURARO has gained throughout the years enables it to solve the most diverse problems related to cold metal deformation.

MURARO supplies “everything” as sole supplier: machines, plants, specific equipment and dies and guarantees the quality of the end product.

It not only builds presses, but also automated “drawing systems”, distinguished by high productivity and great flexibility.

In this field MURARO’s production ranges from traditional machines to highly sophisticated plants, with several actions and independent pressing stations, provided with sheet layer-ons, transfer units, die carrying units, etc. managed by a MULTIPROCESSOR” control system, with forces ranging from 100 to 50.000 tons.

MURARO machines are distinguished by the utmost reliability and efficiency, whereas drawing systems are designed and carried out to the most modern and current technology.