Stretch Forming

Particular and/or special machines fit for aeronautic and aerospace sectors for the forming of large parts by using both aluminum alloys properly treated and special, thermically resistant alloys, the above for circular, cylindrical and/or shaped shapes or for panels of medium and large dimensions with the most different shapes.


This technology has been used since many tens years in aeronautic sector all over the world, since some years it has been used also in the AUTOMOTIVE sector.

Muraro SPA, already experienced in the construction of Stretch Forming machines in the aeronautic sector for large formats and special profiles of medium and large dimensions, improved this technology making it more versatile and competitive for the forming of the most different profiles, even the tubular ones, by the technique of Stretch forming. It is possible to realize such profiles with a minimum set-up cost and to get the maximum accuracy of the pieces formed with easy, manual and/or robotized loading and unloading.

For each single product/profile it is possible to set a special code in order to be able to recall it in any moment to get automatically the Machine properly set-up again with no further adjustment