Heating plant and billet shears

The heating and not shearing plants builts by MURARO originate from the need to replace traditional systems, where bars were sheared cold, with more modern and technologically advanced systems aimed at improving not only productivity and product quality, but also costs.

MURARO plants in fact enable to save considerably on costs from different points of view:

  • Material coming from continuous castings, which do not require any particular heating treatments , can be used
  • Bar bundles are manipulated only once , when they are picked up from the deposit and carried to the area where they are to be used. This reduces strongly feeding time compared to block feeding and eliminates noise
  • There is a considerable reduction of scrap material due to less burr
  • When the machine is stopped to do maintenance on the dies or the presses for example, the heating system commands the hot workpieces to stop coming out and, for a certain lapse of time, conveys enough energy the coils to hold temperature , so that when the working cycle is resumed, the cut workpieces are still at drawing temperature
  • MURARO’s heating and hot shearing plants are particularly functional and reliable and are designed to make upkeeping easy and quick.