Presses equipped with more than one independent mobile table

They are real working centers which Muraro conceived for a high production capacity and flexibility. They are base upon the use of a single press compact and automatized which replaces the traditional in line presses and upon a special drawing system which avoids the intermediate thermic treatments. Space is reduced, manipulations are eliminated, a single operator is enough for the working of the plant.

The independent regulation of the parameters of each single station allows to manufacture the most different pieces having dimensions suitable for the characteristics of the machine.

The system is equipped with feeder, centering station, transfers, scrap ejection devices, finished pieced ejection device. It can be equipped also of final burring station.

The lubrication of pieces and dies is automatic and on a closed circuit, emulsion being sprayed, collected, decanted, filtered and recycled.

The possibility has been foreseen to introduce a roll in case lubricants of more elevated density are being used. The starting material consists of sheets or coils which, according to the requirements, ,can be pre-polished or pre-coated with a plastic film (the protection of a plastic film remains during all the operations and is removed only by the final operator). In such a case the final polishing operations are being avoided.

Special quick die changing devices facilitate the productions shift operations and reduce the times.

The management of the working cycles is carried out by multiprocessor commands.

These drawing systems are manufactured in various versions up to 6 independent mobile tables. They represent the most modern and technologically advanced instrument in the sheet cold drawing system; they are advantageous both for small and big series and, by replacing the traditional systems based upon in line presses, they realize a big progress by saving time, space and costs.